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Developer Information
The Secret Files: Tunguska
Developer: Fusionsphere Sys.
Publisher: The Adventure Company
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 6
Total Downloads: 20,639

Nina is torn from her day-to-day routine when she discovers that her father has disappeared without a trace. As the police seem reluctant to help her, Nina sets off to look for clues relating to her father's whereabouts.

Latest Files
Added: 2006-11-27 | Size: 241 Mb | Downloads: 3,319

Added: 2006-11-01 | Downloads: 3,392

Added: 2006-08-24 | Downloads: 3,500

Added: 2006-07-03 | Downloads: 3,499

Added: 2006-07-03 | Downloads: 3,453

Added: 2006-07-03 | Downloads: 3,476

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