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Hitman: Blood Money
Developer: Io Interactive
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation 2
Total Files: 9
Total Downloads: 23,897
Hitman: Blood Money Single-Player Demo

Added: 2006-05-22
Downloads: 4,264
Size: 759.18 Mb
Download Hitman: Blood Money Single-Player Demo

This demo contains the first mission of the game, Death of a Showman. As the world’s deadliest assassin, Agent 47, you have been offered a high-paying contract to take out Joseph Clarence aka The Swing King. Your client has asked that his recently deceased son’s picture be the last thing The Swing King sees before you end his life. Death of a Showman is the first level of the game and provides gamers a refresher course in the mechanics of being the world’s deadliest contract killer while tracking your target through a dilapidated theme park turned drug lab. Get a sneak peak at the incredible new graphic engine, ultra-realistic AI, and try out a few of Agent 47’s new moves.

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Added: 2006-06-02 | Downloads: 6,782

Added: 2006-05-31 | Downloads: 3,493

Added: 2006-05-24 | Downloads: 5,168

Added: 2006-05-25 | Size: 6.33 Mb | Downloads: 4,190

Added: 2006-05-22 | Size: 759.18 Mb | Downloads: 4,264

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