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Quake 3: Arena
Developer: id
Publisher: Activision
Official Website: Visit
Genre: First-Person, Shooter
Platforms: PC, Mac
Total Files: 3
Total Downloads: 14,194
Urban Terror v4.1 for Windows

Added: 2007-12-26
Downloads: 3,916
Size: 708.57 Mb
Download Urban Terror v4.1 for Windows

Urban Terror is a realism based total conversion mod for Quake III Arena which no longer requires this game to be played. It only uses its engine, which is open sourced through the GPL and may be distributed freely. Urban Terror plays in about the same setting as Counter Strike, but is less focused on realism and plays much faster, which among other things, is caused by the ability to strafe jump, which combined with wall jumping can lead to very quick movement and nice jumps. Urban Terror has 7 game modes, 25 maps and 15 weapons. Uninstall Urban Terror 4.0 and ioUrbanTerror 1.0 before installing 4.1. Or at least install to a different location! Back up your configs/demos/screenshots/maps. You can copy those back to 4.1 after it's installed, or you can start out fresh if you want. There's only FULL packages, no upgrades.

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Added: 2007-12-26 | Size: 708.57 Mb | Downloads: 3,916

Added: 2007-04-02 | Size: 534.85 Mb | Downloads: 4,619

Added: 2006-01-01 | Size: 442.37 Mb | Downloads: 5,659

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