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Theatre of War
Publisher: 1C
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 8
Total Downloads: 31,249
Theatre of War All Inclusive Uber Patch v1.10.0.81

Added: 2008-01-28
Downloads: 4,977
Size: 1.20 Gb
Download Theatre of War All Inclusive Uber Patch v1.10.0.81

This patch contains a massive amount of new, improved and optimized content including 11 new multiplayer mission, 11 new multiplayer maps, new multiplayer game modes and an all new multiplayer game browser. Also included are two new playable campaigns for a total of 18 new missions, a completely updated Line of Sight Spotting System, extensive tweaks to the AI and a new single player mission where you get to control just a single squad of elite commandos as they go behind enemy lines to stir up some trouble. The patch also contains a full Map Editor, updated Mission-Campaign Editor (now allows customization to multiplayer games among other changes), and an all new Battle Generator program that allows to you create your own single and multiplayer battles with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Latest Files
Added: 2008-04-16 | Downloads: 2,800

Added: 2007-12-05 | Downloads: 2,866

Added: 2007-04-05 | Downloads: 2,969

Added: 2007-03-29 | Downloads: 3,130

Added: 2008-03-21 | Size: 829.12 Mb | Downloads: 2,930

Added: 2008-01-28 | Size: 1.20 Gb | Downloads: 4,977

Added: 2008-02-08 | Size: 588.56 Mb | Downloads: 7,933

Added: 2007-06-25 | Size: 234 Mb | Downloads: 3,644

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