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Developer: Gala-net
Publisher: Gala-net
Official Website: Visit
Genre: MMO, RPG
Platforms: PC
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Rappelz Epic III Client

Added: 2006-12-15
Downloads: 8,355
Size: 1670 Mb
Download Rappelz Epic III Client

Gala-Net has released Rappelz Epic III Expansion which will be available to play for free for all Rappelz players starting December 20th. In the Epic III Expansion, players will encounter new challenges and dangers in the form of new areas, quests, new dungeons for lower level users, never-before-seen monsters/raid bosses, and much more. Also, with the Epic III Expansion the gameplay speed has been increased tremendously to make Rappelz feel like a more fast-paced and action oriented game. In addition to the changes mentioned above, all in-game prices of equipments have been lowered; lots of new items including helms and cloaks will be available in the item shop. To prepare for the Rappelz Epic III Expansion, you will need to re-install your Rappelz client - after the 20th you will not be able to use the old Rappelz client to play.

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