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Developer: KD Vision Games
Publisher: Codemasters
Official Website: Visit
Genre: RTSS, Strategy
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 7
Total Downloads: 22,792

Maelstrom takes place on the devastated future Earth of 2040 where an alien invasion has triggered an apocalyptic ecological disaster. In this savaged world water has become the most valuable of resources and divided the remaining humans into two factions. Now, they must wage war against the invaders and each other in a desperate struggle.

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Added: 2007-03-16 | Size: 634.36 Mb | Downloads: 3,289

Added: 2006-08-15 | Size: 401.01 Mb | Downloads: 3,463

Added: 2007-02-09 | Downloads: 3,200

Added: 2007-02-09 | Downloads: 3,133

Added: 2007-02-07 | Downloads: 3,224

Added: 2007-02-05 | Downloads: 3,141

Added: 2007-01-17 | Downloads: 3,342

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