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Pieces of Eight
Developer: Hidden Sanctum
Publisher: Hidden Sanctum
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 1
Total Downloads: 3,253

Argh matey's! Prepare to go on a quest for pirate's treasure - but be warned...many pitfalls and coded clues lie in your path...

Port Royal 1687 - Jamaica passes laws to rid the Caribbean of pirates. The "Sodom of the New World" , Port Royal, was no longer a safe-haven - but a place of execution. It is under these conditions that eight of the most notorious pirates of the Caribbean decide to join forces...

New England 1690-1720 -  The Eight - as they had become known - had amassed a huge fortune running contraband to and from the American colonies outside of the restrictions of the Navigation Acts imposed by the English. The pirates enjoyed a free hand in the region as the colonists turned a blind eye to their activities due to the economic boon The Eight had contributed to. By 1720, the economy had grown to such an extent that the now aging pirates were no longer needed or welcome...

New England 1722 - The Eight vanish without a trace. Rumors persist of a pirate base off the coast where they hid their ill-gotten gains.

Modern Day - You receive a package containing intriguing information about a mysterious island off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire... Can you decipher the clues to find its location? Is this the long-forgotten base of The Eight?

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Added: 2007-01-22 | Downloads: 3,253

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