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Red Ocean
Developer: Collision Studios
Publisher: Anaconda
Official Website: Visit
Genre: First-Person, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 3
Total Downloads: 11,256

It started off as just another tourist diving trip for Jack Hard, but instead he gets caught up in a global conspiracy. The infamous terrorist organization United Arms has discovered a new source of energy on the ocean floor. It is sure to change the world forever - but to what end? The terrorists are planning to use it in the construction of a weapon of mass destruction!

Fight your way through breathtaking firefights, claustrophobic hallways, gigantic train depots and secret laboratories and avert the global cataclysm. Don't forget: Millions of gallons of water weigh on your head down the ocean floor and every breath you take could be your last.

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Added: 2007-03-21 | Size: 343.36 Mb | Downloads: 3,978

Added: 2007-03-07 | Downloads: 3,640

Added: 2007-02-14 | Downloads: 3,638

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