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Tabula Rasa
Developer: Destination Games
Publisher: NC Soft
Official Website: Visit
Genre: MMO, RPG
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 22
Total Downloads: 87,421

Tabula Rasa is a massively multiplayer online action game that takes you into the heat of battle at the frontlines of an epic war between a xenophobic alien race bent on galactic conquest and the coalition of rebel soldiers who've traveled across the galaxy to stop them.

Combining fast-paced action with the immersion of a role-playing game, Tabula Rasa takes the player on an intergalactic adventure where the individual has an opportunity to significantly impact the pace of battle on a global scale. Players enter the game as rebel soldiers wielding a variety of futuristic weapons, potent demolitions and the mystical power of “Logos.” It is up to each individual to use their stealth, ingenuity and skill to assist a ragtag coalition of rebels in their efforts to stop an enemy known for its intelligence and unyielding determination to enslave the Universe.


  • Unique setting takes players to the frontlines of a futuristic war in a massively multiplayer war game that combines the character growth of an RPG with the action of a shooter.
  • Players will participate in large scale battles with NPC allies against an intelligent enemy known as The Bane for control of entire planets.
  • Players will go behind enemy lines in missions that directly impact the war effort, either solo or with teammates.
  • Rich storyline and fictional universe features Richard Garriott’s signature creative vision and attention to detail.
  • It’s not all guts and guns; a mysterious power known commonly as “Logos,” allows players to harness the very fabric of the cosmos to offer rebel forces an advantage against an overwhelming foe.
  • Simplified game interface is complimented by built-in voice chat technology to create a seamless cooperative gaming experience.
  • Role-playing game fans will enjoy a game design that focuses more on depth than complexity, with an immersive story and rich character growth driven by player choices.
  • First person shooter fans who crave a richer gaming experience will appreciate a massively multiplayer game that is reactive to player choices and allows for a broad range of character movement.
  • Massively multiplayer online game fans will enjoy a large community to interact with, and frequently updated content to both the game and the storyline.

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