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Sword of the New World: Granado Espada
Developer: IMC Games
Publisher: K2 Network, Inc.
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Action, RPG
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 2
Total Downloads: 5,861

Sword of the New World gives players more options, variety, entertainment and challenges than any other MMO can by virtue of its unique design features. With multi-character control (MCC), players are able to command up to three characters simultaneously. No longer limited to playing one character at a time, players can instantly switch between their favorite character classes or control them all at once. Each one of those character classes - musketeer, wizard, fighter, scout, elementalist, and the unique player characters (UPCs) - acquires, over time, an impressive set of combat stances. Each stance offers unique skills, abilities and equipment options, making every class as powerful as it is versatile. With an entire family of such characters to develop, players will finally get to experience the sort of MMO gameplay they have been craving for years.

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