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Upshift StrikeRacer
Developer: Gala-net
Publisher: Gala-net
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Racing
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 3
Total Downloads: 10,468

Upshift StrikeRacer is high-octane car combat designed with quick short game sessions in mind. Live the fantasy of making your combat car, bolting heavy ordinance to it, then racing your friends while blowing each other up! It’s ballistic carnage in a free, easy to play format. Beyond StrikeRacing, you can Upshift yourself to a higher plane in the Clubs, easy-to form online communities that you can make for free (coming soon).

Upshift StrikeRacer is a free-to-play game, meaning you don’t pay a cent to play if you don’t want to. Many of the vehicles, body kits, accessory kits, weapons, finishes, and special items can be bought only with the Reputation you generate by StrikeRacing. However, some items can only be bought with Potatoes, the prized tuber that forms the basis of the future economy. Items can be bought inside the game itself, or at our Item Shop (coming soon).

Winning races generates Enlightenment (Light for short). Earn enough Light thru playing and you will Upshift to a higher Rank – 60 Ranks in all! Win against someone higher Rank than you, and you’ll earn more Enlightenment. Win many times in a row, and you’ll temporarily Ascend to a higher plane of understanding, and see your Enlightenment multiply. Knock someone off their pedestal causing them to be Fallen, and you’ll also get a boost to your Light. The Triumph City Council wants to see young StrikeRacers prosper, so you may see some gifts when you Upshift in the early days of your career.

Races should be fun and fair, and to promote good sport, the Triumph City Council teleports various Power Ups into any map where StrikeRacing is happening. These items give a variety of benefits—from the Inertial Slammer that impairs all opponents’ steering, to the Thor’s Hammer guided surface-to-surface missile which seeks out and then takes out the race leader. The same teleport technology is used sometimes to keep Racers from taking too much of a shortcut of the designated racetrack. The TCC is all-seeing!

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