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Developer: Silverlode Interactive, Wahoo Studios
Publisher: N/A
Official Website: Visit
Platforms: PC
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Before the Saga began, the Elder Gods reigned in the heavens. One of the Elder gods, Goth-Azul, rebelled against the established order and the Gods created a prison orb, called Gaia, and imprisoned Goth-Azul deep within its core. But before being imprisoned, Goth-Azul gave the secret of the power of the Elders to a lesser god, Xethos Nom. Together with four other lesser Gods, Xethos used the secret to destroy the Elders, and they claimed the heavens for themselves.

The new gods fought bitterly over who was to rule in the heavens. After much destruction, an agreement was reached. Each god would create a race. These beings would battle away from the heavens, on the surface of Gaia, and whichever race was victorious, their god would reign in the heavens.

Thus, the Saga began…


  • Persistent online domains; fortify and defend your lands against online enemies; manage resources, send spies and assassins against your opponents, design and build great cities.
  • Gain land and resources as you conquer new territories.
  • Five unique factions, each with its own races, powers and buildings: War, Machines, Light, Nature, Magic.
  • Over 100 unique troop types, including thousands of armor and weapon upgrades.
  • Spells and special abilities in battle to enhance game play.
  • Over 100 buildings to choose from.
  • Hundreds of quests and campaigns to win treasure and experience to advance your kingdom.
  • Form guilds of online allies; join forces and war against other guilds for fortune and glory.

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