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Pirates of the Burning Sea
Developer: N/A
Publisher: Flying Lab
Official Website: Visit
Genre: MMO, RPG
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 7
Total Downloads: 22,241

Maneuver your ship in real time, turning one way to unleash a broadside and then cutting back to guard your damaged armor. Drop sails and heave to while your opponent sails forward so you can fire at his vulnerable stern. Work together with your friends to choose your targets and your aim points: small, fast ships can swoop in close to rake the enemy crew with swivel guns while your bruisers blast chain shot at the enemy sails. Once you’ve crippled his ability to move, send in a boarding ship laden with armed men to grapple, board, and seize the prize.

Ship combat in Pirates of the Burning Sea has all the action, intensity, and tactical gameplay of a single-player game. Speed, direction, and facing all matter, and you fire and sail in realtime. As captain of your own ship you balance your crew, sails, armor, guns, and maneuverability, making snap decisions while planning what’s going to happen in thirty seconds. It’s a white-knuckle experience, whether against determined NPCs or wily players.

Our swashbuckling system is something you’ve never seen in an MMO before. Hundreds of handmade animations capture every bold gesture in three fighting styles. Whether you go for traditional Fencing, or the dual-wielding showmanship known as Florentine, or the treachery of Dirty Fighting, your very stance will display your chosen mastery and your every move will be distinct. Every combat skill is uniquely animated with corresponding responses and fighting is fast and fluid. Keep your Balance high and you can parry attacks; build up your Initiative to unleash powerful finishing moves; and if desperation strikes, you can whip out a pistol for a devastating attack.

Our cinematic adventures pit you against hordes of enemies, cutting your way through the thugs who stand between you and the enemy you’re here to duel. You’ll have to make fast use of skills and tactics to beat the toughest swordsmen in the Burning Sea!

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