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Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason
Developer: Action Forms Ltd.
Publisher: 1C
Official Website: Visit
Genre: First-Person, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 5
Total Downloads: 16,459

Background: Year 1968. The Arctic Circle. Russian drifting polar station 'Polyus 21'. In a twist of fate the main hero, meteorologist Aleksandr Nesterov finds himself aboard the atomic ice-breaker 'North Wind' frost-bound in the icy desert since many years ago. The steel monster that once struggled so fiercely for life and freedom is now held captive by ices. All flesh aboard the ship has not only lost its normal appearance but even the right to die.

Alexander Nesterov who comes from the world of warmth, life and motion finds himself in an environment alien to any thinking being, an everlasting reign of cold, non-existence and immobility, a closed world of a huge Atomic ice-breaker, a space tightly locked by the massive metallic structure.

Cold, darkness, standstill, slowdown of time, physical and chemical process are factors that nourish and unite transformed crew of the Ship. Irrational aggression breaks out: 'Get lost! Don't disturb our regular existence, we are happy with everything. We enjoy our standstill'. Cryostasis is a dramatic story of the Captain and the crew of his Ship encapsulated in an environment of animal fear.


  • Mental Echo. An ability to move into memories of the Ship's crew and change their past actions; Thermodynamics. Is the system of balancing heat and cold. It is the only life-critical habitat for all living beings and physical objects in the game;
  • Melee system. Enable player to strike different blows in fight such as uppercuts, jabs and hooks as well as combos;
  • 18 highly detailed levels modeled on the basis of real ice-breaker layouts;
  • More than 15 enemies with unique characteristics;
  • 12 NPCs assisting through the game;
  • 9 types of weapons;
  • State-of-art engine designed in line with the latest video technologies;
  • Atmospheric music and realistic sound effects, support of sound accelerators

Player's goal: The main hero needs to use the Mental Echo to prevent the Captain and his Ship from dying by correcting past mistakes of the crew. The gameplay of 'Cryostasis' is based on direct influence on temperature inside certain premises of the Ship. That is why monsters are that aggressive towards the main hero. Being a source of heat himself the Player poses a real danger to their habitat and the organization of time and life progress established on the Ship.

The global Player's mission is to restore life activity on the Ship replacing Cold by Warmth, Non-Existence by Life and Immobility by Motion.

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