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Hegemony: Philip of Macedon
Developer: Longbow Digital Arts
Publisher: N/A
Official Website: Visit
Genre: RTSS, Strategy
Platforms: PC
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Total Downloads: 3,527

"Hegemony: Philip of Macedon" is a 3D Real Time Strategy wargame set during the reign of Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great.

Playing as Philip, you start the game with a small and weak tribal kingdom that must be built into a great power. The goal is to be declared Hegemon of Greece, establish a bridgehead in Asia and initiate an invasion of the Persian Empire.

Game features:

  • Campaign Continuously - Enjoy continuous, real-time campaigning on an historically accurate map based on satellite terrain data. The map of more than a million square kilometers covers the Aegean basin and extends west from the Ionian coast of Turkey to the Adriatic and north from Crete to the Danube.
  • Zoom Seamlessly: Zoom-out to view an area of a hundred thousand square kilometers, perfect for making strategic decisions; and then smoothly zoom-in to view a single kilometer of map, great for battle viewing. To make this unprecedented level of real-time zoom possible, we've created a new 3D landscape engine that generates one giant 3D map; both detailed enough for a zoomed-in battle view and flexible enough for a zoomed-out grand strategic overview.
  • Explore and Discover - Although City State locations are well known, there are still vast unknown areas to explore and conquer north of the Balkan Mountains.
  • Espionage, Reconnaissance, Logistics and Combat - Coordinate espionage and reconnaissance activities to penetrate the fog-of-war and discover enemy troop locations and dispositions, then marshal resources, establish supply points and march into battle. Throughout the campaign, terrain and geographical features impact heavily on strategic planning, logistics, troop movement and battles.
  • Conquer and Subjugate - Although the basic pattern of gameplay is to build, expand and dominate, most of the states conquered must be carefully subjugated rather than destroyed, as you'll need their resources and support for the invasion of the Persian Empire.

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