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Super Swing Golf PANGYA
Developer: Ntreev
Publisher: Tecmo
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Sports
Platforms: Wii
Total Files: 2
Total Downloads: 8,375

Super Swing Golf PANGYA takes advantage of the power of the Wii and provides a rich, newly designed, casual golf game that revolutionizes the way video game golf is played, putting the player in control of the club and the course!

No longer will gamers be bound to play golf with their thumbs, no longer will gamers have to flush years of golf lessons down the toilet, no longer will gamers be forced to sit and be a passive observer while the onscreen character has all the fun! A revolution is at hand! Pick up the controller and swing away!

The Nintendo Wii controller provides a new level of gaming interaction-sensing motion, depth, positioning and targeting dictated by the movement of the controller to act as the golf club. A back-swing sets the amount of power of the swing and the angle of the controller defines whether the ball will hook or slice. Take on the role as one of many main characters and swing away.

Super Swing Golf PANGYA has gone through a major graphical overhaul that brings this title to life in a uniquely designed fantasy world. Complete with improved character texture and molding, newly designed costumes, and beautifully rendered redesigned courses this title aims to be a hole in one!

Fans of the game will rejoice at the implementation of a single player mode. Hit the links and play through Story Mode, Free Mode, or Challenge Mode to get your skills up to par. Playing through the single player modes allows for additional characters, challenging courses, unique costumes, and new equipment to be unlocked. Take on other players in Match Play, Stroke Play, and Party Play to bury the opposition!

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