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Vampire World
Developer: Mayhem Studios
Publisher: Mayhem Studios
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC
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Total Downloads: 3,439

The city lies down to sleep while somewhere in the middle of an old dockyard a man's life fades away. Ivan, one of the most skilled vampire hunters, is dead. The night is damp and chilly as the investigation begins. None of the Nosferatu clans claims responsibility for the attack and what's even worse, strange things start to happen.
Vampire World uses our own game engine that has been in development for five years. Here are some of its features:
  • advanced material support (pixel shader version 2.0, with optional downscale for weaker hardware)
  • normalmapping, environment mapping, specular, per pixel lighting
  • hierarchic visibility detection
  • particles with programmable dynamics
Other technological features of the Vampire World project include:
  • Character face animation support (including lip synchronization with speech)
  • Advanced sound engine with the support of 3D sound, EAX 2.0 and EAX 3.0
Storyline will take the player to four different locations: abandoned docks, lighthouse district, old factory and a merchant ship. The graphics is stylized in a way that the player will be engulfed in the dark yet rich atmosphere.
Game system:
  • Full 3D display with the camera placed behind the character
  • ATBS (active time battle system) adding dynamics to combat as well as the possibility to use a lot of hits, blows, weapons and special combos. (Similar system is used for example in the Final Fantasy series)
  • The possibility to create your own spells using the rune system
  • A lot of adventure-like items and non-linear dialogue branching
  • Character development through the improvement of skills and abilities

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