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Crazy Machines II
Developer: FAKT Software GmbH
Publisher: Pepper Games
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 2
Total Downloads: 6,715

Create your own daring experiments with Crazy Machines II! What do you think?: How will a toaster handle two whoopie cushions? How do you watch TV with a steam engine? Build insane chain reactions and pray that everything works or explodes with a big bang.

With Crazy Machines II, Novitas and FAKT Software are continuing the popular and successful series of their game. We add completely new game elements to the ones already known. Laser, lightning generators and TV sets are only some examples. The whole game physics is revised and offers the player a playground that was never seen before to indulge his keenest thoughts.

For the first time, players can publish their creations directly from the game and offer them to the community to crack their brain-teasers.

The open game concept is dynamic and extendable. Therefore the player is regularly provided with new content for his crazy machines.

A completely new statistics system evaluates the actions of the player and rewards him with honours, awards and bonuses for the game.

Everybody who comes with an Ageia PhysX Hardware, will experience a lot of additional features and extra levels that will quadruple the tension of the gameplay.

The fascinating vitality of your own insane experiments, the freedom of your thoughts and the unique atmosphere will catch you as soon as you have played Crazy Machines II once.


  • Extreme detailed and living 3D graphics with new effects like heat haze, motion blur and much more.
  • Completely new game elements, i.e. laser and lightning generators.
  • Revised common game elements offer many more possibilities.
  • A new game physics model supports destroyable and deformable objects.
  • Ageia PhysX hardware support.
  • Online option for exchanging labs and downloading new game content.

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