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Spaceforce: Captains
Developer: Provox Games
Publisher: JoWood Productions
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC
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Total Downloads: 5,517

Control the fate of the galaxy in the classic turn-based strategy game Captains that invites you to explore and conquer an entirely new space. Ultimately lead your fleets and captains to victory. The game features several distinct forms of game play, including gathering resources, role-playing, and strategy. The basic elements of the game involve developing a space station (space building structures that produce resources, captains or ships) and conquering the space with a captain leading a large fleet and using technology. You develop fleets composed of the squadron commander - Captain and space ship squadrons. When you take a space base, you can buy any of its buyable ships.

  • 3 campaign with 24 missions and five space station types, each with six ship types, each with upgraded and un-upgraded forms, and a lot of another type of ships
  • experience the finest blend of adventure, strategy, tactics, management and role play ever brewed
  •  The different kind of resources can be found mostly in asteroid mines and are gathered once a earth day. They are used to build up your captains and their fleets.
  • Each fleet is led by a captain. More than 120 individual captains with biography. Each captain has unique characteristic
  • Each specific space station can only raise the type of space ships appropriate to specific civilization
  • develop cutting-edge technology and upgrade your fleet
  • 3D animated world with crisp graphics, and storyline with side quests
  • unique features of each race will make your game experience more variously • addictive RPG elements
  • choose from over 200 technologies
  • Battles occur when your fleet comes face to face with an opposing fleet or a band of pirates. Combat, which can occur either in open space or in space station backyards, against both neutral and enemy fleets, is the meat of the game. A new close-up of the battlefield then appears, placing your squadrons across from the approaching enemy. You select a specific target and attack for each squadron of your fleet.
  • cunning battle strategies, or simply exploring open space
  • complete and flexible strategy experience reinvented for the next generation of gamers
  •  multiplayer and map editor provided

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