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Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
Publisher: 1C
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 3
Total Downloads: 10,893

Oniblade is the first anime-styled action game developed in Russia. While you might think good anime can only come from our friends in Japan, we're long-time fans of the style and are drawing on its best traditions for our game. In addition to stunning graphics, animation and anime-style characters, we've developed an assortment of unique enemies for you to battle and a selection of dazzling lethal combat skills and deadly magic for you to use. We want you to enjoy the eye-candy while you efficiently dispatch your opponents! For those of you longing for an epic tale, our story involves a mysterious artifact, a hair-raising curse and the secrets of an ancient civilization.

If you're keen on hacking and slashing your way through games, you'll enjoy the two powerful Gunblades the heroine carries at all times. Never before has the main character in a game been able to dish out so such slice-and-dice death in close quarters! Oniblade can also use more than a dozen spells and a selection of standard weaponry to eliminate foes.

The decisions you make throughout the game as Oniblade will affect not only the destiny of our heroine but the entire human race as well. Even after completing most of the game, you'll still be able to steer Oniblade in a new direction, as the Dark Powers might be too tempting to resist.

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