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Panzer Command: Kharkov
Developer: Koios Works
Publisher: Matrix Games
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Simulation
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 1
Total Downloads: 3,332

Experience the new Panzer Command series of tactical wargames. In Panzer Command: Kharkov, you play a company-level commander on either the Soviet or German side in the Eastern Front. Preserve your men and defeat the enemy, there is no other way out! Panzer Command: Kharkov is the latest in a new series of 3D turn-based tactical wargames with a campaign mode that takes you from battle to battle with realistic units, tactics and terrain.

  • Turn Based Simultaneous Movement, where each 40 second phase of play is calculated down to the millisecond and the terrain down to each meter.
  • Full Campaign System, allowing units to gain experience, win medals, be repaired and reinforced.
  • Realistic 3D graphics, including normal maps, lighting, particles and shadows.
  • Random Battle Generator, Random Campaign Generator
  • Scenario Editor, Campaign Editor
  • Multiplayer via PBEM

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Added: 2008-03-11 | Downloads: 3,332

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