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Dawn of Fantasy
Developer: Reverie World Studios Inc.
Publisher: Reverie World Studios Inc.
Official Website: Visit
Genre: MMO, RTSS
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360
Total Files: 5
Total Downloads: 17,379

Dawn of Fantasy features a realistic and vivid 3D world powered by the latest visual technology. The most advanced physics and graphics will be presented in the game, including dynamic shadows, rag-dolls physics, and bloom effects. In addition, an immersive world has been created with over one hundred different objects and environments specifically inserted to add realism and increase player interactivity. These include breathtaking rivers and lakes, mile high mountains, majestic waterfalls, organic growing grass and many other terrain features...

All of these elements combine to make Dawn of Fantasy one of the most immersive, visually breathtaking experiences in video games today. Ragdoll physics allow for realistic player/enemy movement - units are thrown around due to the resulting explosion of a projectile. Dynamic shadowing creates player models that seem more lifelike and "real" then previously experienced. And new sound effects completely immerse the player with authentic, realistic sounds - a small waterfall or river will constantly comfort the player with the smooth, soft sounds of water flowing. In the end, Dawn of Fantasy aims, not only to create a world that seems real and authentic, but one that the player will feel personally invested in because of its level of interactivity and realistic design.

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