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Developer: Dagger Games
Publisher: Playlogic
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Action, RPG, Strategy
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 1
Total Downloads: 2,669

Dimensity is a role playing strategy game. You may play in a vast world leading one of four totaly different races, learn new skills and obtain large number of weapons, armor and items. The specially created role playing system gives freedom to build your main characters and combines well with the traditions of the strategy games. At your disposal will be many units and buildings to gather an army, miscelaneous quests during a mission.

The game has full 3d engine and offers various special effects and original music.

  • Full 3d engine based on DirectX 9.0 features;
  • Both strategic and third person view;
  • Four unique races with own architecture;
  • Ability to create and develop a Leader - unique for every race;
  • More than 100 unique units;
  • Over 80 special effects and spells;
  • Billions of items with various characteristics and usefulness. Specially developed drop system;
  • Multiplayer with up to four players;
  • Hero, units and items transfer from one game sesson to another;
  • Challenge mode played on custom maps with increased difficulty.

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Added: 2008-05-08 | Downloads: 2,669

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