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Battlestations: Pacific
Developer: Eidos Studios Hungary
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Action, Simulation
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360
Total Files: 27
Total Downloads: 105,332

Battlestations: Pacific delivers intense, action-packed combat and strategic warfare at an extraordinary scale and features two distinctly different single player campaigns. As the Americans, the game picks up the story where Battlestations: Midway left off and allows players to fight their way from The Battle of Midway to Okinawa as they try to secure peace in the Pacific. As the Japanese however, players take control of the Imperial Japanese fleet and have the unique chance to fight at Pearl Harbor before attempting to change the course of history and take full control of the Pacific Ocean.

Battlestations: Pacific offers a unique blend of action and strategy, as players must plan their moves carefully on huge open-world arenas and then fight in the air, above sea and underwater as they take direct control of their units and storm into combat. Join forces with friends online or play solo against the computer controlled opponents in the all-new Skirmish mode or battle each other in one of the five new, innovative multiplayer modes.

The U.S. and Japanese single player campaigns in Battlestations: Pacific feature over 28 story missions, doubling the size of the previous Battlestations: Midway, and 21 new units, including kamikaze and other WWII jets and units. Players can now discover another viewpoint of the war by taking direct control of the infamous Ohka and other Japanese air units that fought over the Pacific Ocean during WWII.

For the first time, the game also includes the tactical landing of troops in battle. Launch your parachute squadrons with pin-point accuracy or ensure the safe passage of your landing craft and watch your battalions of troops capture key locations, man the defensive artillery and gain a strategic foothold to support your offensive efforts.

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Added: 2009-06-09 | Downloads: 4,318

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