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Bunker 23
Developer: DnS Development
Publisher: N/A
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Action, Adventure, First-Person
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 1
Total Downloads: 2,879

Story is set in a post-apocalyptic future, deep inside an underground shelter, called Bunker 23. Player takes the role of Ashley Simms, a young female maintenance worker. Ashley is just one of the many survivors that are sleeping inside their cryogenic chambers for years, waiting for the Earth surface to clear up, so that they can emerge onto the surface again.

But Ashley gets awaken before time. Oscar, a built-in security process AI, informs her that she is the only person in the Bunker that he was able to wake up. They are facing a serious system malfunction. There seems to be another process that has gone haywire and is slowly gaining control of the life support system. This is endangering the lives of everyone in the Bunker and Oscar doesn't know for how long he can hold it. Ashley has to locate and fix the problem before it is too late.

Bunker 23 is physics-based, action adventure with innovative gameplay. Ashley has to manipulate various objects and interact with the environment in order to solve challenging puzzle-based missions. To be able to do that, she is equipped with the powerful device, based on telekinetic energy. This energy can be used for many things, from carrying and throwing items around, to attracting and operating items from the distance. Also, Ashley is able to release the energy directly into the environment, and attract or push her body off the surrounding walls, floors and ceilings. Once mastered, this technique allows many cool things like reaching higher ground or jumping over the abyss.

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Added: 2008-10-05 | Downloads: 2,879

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