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Legends of Daemonica: Farepoynt's Purgatory
Developer: RA Images
Publisher: CINEMAX, s.r.o.
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 1
Total Downloads: 2,970

Legends of Daemonica: Farepoynt's Purgatory is a full 3D psychological thriller containing unique features, elaborate characters, and a truly non-linear storyline set in the 14th Century.

The player controls Nicholas Farepoynt, an obscure character with a troubled past who, along with twelve others, arrives on a mysterious island. It's at this place they will be purified meaning stripped of their special abilities. The player will have to help Farepoynt escape this island.


Fourteen strong and believable characters with multi-layered personalities. You can become their enemy, friend, or leader, and learn about their special abilities and use them to aid Farepoynt on his journey.

Unique game mechanics such as influencing the present by altering the past or entering other people's dreams.

Interesting game puzzles.

Deep and rich non-linear storyline. Your decisions shape the gameplay experience right from the start of the game. People die or are saved based on your actions. There are no easy or obvious choices to be made.

Highly detailed full 3D environments and high polygon characters.

Numerous special effects and shaders such as dynamic weather and lighting, depth of field, and heat haze.

Dynamic camera allowing the creation of unique cutscenes using techniques such as split screen or picture in picture technology.

Atmospheric soundtrack

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Added: 2009-03-26 | Downloads: 2,970

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