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Sol Survivor
Developer: Cadenza Interactive
Publisher: N/A
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 4
Total Downloads: 10,644

Sol Survivor is a Turret Defense game where you construct a stationary defense to protect your colonies from the advancing enemy horde! Deploy stationary turrets, drop in support from orbital weapons platforms, and crush those who would dare to attack you.  Play in one of several locations and unique worlds, each with a different look and feel.  Battle with advanced creeps who use unique strategies to bypass your defenses.  Engage friends in co-operative or competitive multiplayer modes that challenge the limits of traditional turret defense.

Sol Survivor is a challenging game with many unique features, including:

  • Orbital Support, which allows for a much more direct impact on a difficult battle.
  • Unique Commanders, giving players of all styles an arsenal to suit their tastes.
  • Co-operative Multiplayer, allowing up to 8 friends to team up against more and more difficult waves of enemies.
  • Competitive Multiplayer, forcing up to 8 friends to strike a balance between deploying offensive creeps and defending the onslaught

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